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Stretching and Emotions

Last night I was working out and doing my stretch routine, and the last thing I did was some Yin Yoga, which is a type of yoga that’s relatively new to me, as it was literally my second time doing it.

It’s my understanding that what differentiates Yin Yoga from other types of yoga, is that there’s a focus on holding the postures for a longer length of time to facilitate a more present and meditative practice.

I was really excited to do it, because I had done it the night before, and when I was done, I almost felt like I had taken a Valium, like my body felt so ahhhh, like I can’t really think of another way to describe it.

So, I’m on the mat, about 10 minutes into my practice , (which was focusing on hip openers) feeling blissed out in Pigeon Pose (which is one of my faves, because I’ve had issues with my Sciatic Nerve and just general tension and tightness in that area for decades), and all of a sudden I felt this overwhelming emotion like welling up inside me, and out of nowhere, I burst into tears.

I was like, “What the fuck is going on?” It literally felt like it came out nowhere, and I was definitely happy a minute before, so, the only conclusion that I could draw was that it was somehow brought on by the stretching itself.

It was so interesting to me because I’ve always believed that tight muscles held stuck energy, and I always visualize it dissolving or dissipating out of my body as I stretch, but I had never experienced such a direct and immediate emotional release like that. The way I always had envisioned it was tension or energy in the abstract, and there was definitely nothing abstract about this intense explosion of sadness.

It was a short burst on the mat, but later I was listening to my Calm Whale meditation music and doing my silent meditation in bed, and the second I closed my eyes I felt the emotion just completely overwhelm me again and ended up spending my 15 minutes releasing a torrent of tears, which may sound scary and weird, but it was the most cathartic thing I’ve felt in so long.

When I was done I felt so detoxified and refreshed. and again had such a restful night’s sleep.

I started researching it a little, and apparently it’s a thing.

It makes sense that we’d have a lot of sadness trapped in the hip area, because when we’re crying or feel vulnerable, it’s a natural reaction to curl up in the fetal position, or at least it is for me, and that’s apparently why it can get trapped in that specific area.

I just thought it was such a cool and interesting thing to happen, and since I’m such a strong believer in cleansing and releasing anything that’s just weighing you down and gunking up the works, this was literally a godsend, and something that made me feel amazing on just about every level of my being, and I cannot wait to do it again tonight!

Thank you so much for reading!

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