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How Are You Holding Yourself Back?

A look into what’s holding you back, and how you can free yourself from any self-imposed blockages.

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Pile 1

Song: “Blurry” by Puddle of Mud

If you chose Pile one and the Mystic Monday’s Tarot, you found your way to your reading!

So the thing that’s holding you back the most right now, is being in two minds about what the next step you take should be.

I feel that you’re trying to make an important decision, and are weighing the pros and cons, but are unable to balance the scales enough to figure it out as of now.

I feel as though you are trying to trust your intuition to an extent, with the Moon card (18) being here, but you may be trying to discover what your intuition is trying to tell you via outside sources (like this reading for example or horoscopes or something like that), which is fine, if it’s helping you to gain clarity, but sometimes general readings cause more confusion than anything else, since the messages are intended for so many.

Zhou Xuanjing (aka the Mystic of Peace) wrote poetry, and often would often incorporate the moon into her poems, and I think it’s very interesting that we have the moon card showing up as well. She interpreted the moon as a symbol of the eternal sky, and the freedom that comes when we stop searching for the light or shadow that the moon casts and just see the moon itself.

The answers you seek can only be found in the stillness and quiet that come from meditation, not in the chaos and chatter of your mind. This isn’t a puzzle that needs to be solved by you, it’s more like peace and calm that need to be deliberately cultivated within you.

Practicing mindfulness, reading, or silent meditation can feel like torture to an overactive and worrying mind, but it’s the most beneficial way forward, if what you desire is getting a handle on these incessant thoughts and restless energies.

I recommend ‘The Calm Whale’ Youtube channel, they have amazing videos that just get you into a more grounded and peaceful state. Just put it on and sit for five minutes, count your breath, relax each body part, bit by bit, repeat a mantra. Whatever you decide to do, definitely make sure to give your brain a little vacation from problem solving mode… you need it.


Pile 2

Song: “Susanne” by Weezer

If you chose Pile 2, and the Affirmators Tarot, you’re in the right place!

The very first thing I’m noticing is the Page of Wands and the happy little cricket depicted on the card who’s reminding me of Jimminy Cricket, and he tap danced into your reading today to remind you of the importance of listening to your inner voice.

I think it’s interesting that this card appeared directly atop the reversed Moon (Soul) card, because that’s indicating that you may be struggling to do this right now.

There may be a more loving and sensitive side that you keep hidden from others, particularly family members, because the Emperor is the archetypical father of the Tarot, and Diana, the Roman Goddess represents fertility and motherhood. I was also hearing the song “Boys Don’t Cry” by The Cure, and that may be what this is about, some part of you from your childhood that you stamped out of yourself because of ridicule or even punishment. That is a mean looking Emperor and Diana, just saying.

But the thing that is holding you back the most, is not allowing yourself to feel your emotions, and release them, your song has a line that says “don’t you cry” and one of your advice cards says “there’s no time for crying.” So I guess the way to unstick yourself and move forward, is to, well, cry.

Or more specifically to allow yourself to feel your emotions finally, and know that just because you “cry” or have feelings, that doesn’t make you soft, weak, or sensitive. When did we decide we’re playing a game of who’s the biggest robot? Why the fuck would you want to be an emotionless robot anyway? I guess you’d have some cool dance moves, but, aside from that, life would be pretty monotonous and boring. I’d rather have despair and exuberance and excitement and rage and soul-crushing love any day, but that’s just me.

The advice from Spirit right now is to start noticing how you feel about things, and to go from there. This applies to everything and it’s super simple. Good feelings mean you like something, and bad feelings mean you don’t.

Seek out the things that bring you joy, and if people don’t like it, it may because your dreams and feelings are just not computing with their dull and drab idea of what life should be, and yes that was a little robot pun, and I think we’ll leave it there today 🤖


Pile 3

Song: What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

If you chose Pile 3, and the Good Tarot, then you made your way to your reading.

I’m noticing that you are feeling pretty stuck and held back right now, with the “All Tied Up” card being present. There’s also a feeling of frustration, impatience and even fear with the 5 of Fire, as if you’re scared to hope because you’re expecting things to just crumble down around you, like always.

There’s a lot of 5’s here, which represent change, but also a lot of stuck stagnant and blocked energy which is telling me that you’re resisting the change that needs to happen. I’m getting the energy of the Tower Card in reverse, even though that card’s not present.

I feel what specifically needs to change is your limiting beliefs. I get the sense that you’re having trouble surrendering and trusting in Divine Timing, and that’s definitely the ultimate riddle of the Law of Attraction. You’re probably super stressed mentally, and you may have good reasons to be (like bills, etc.) but the breakthrough you’re praying for will not be able to manifest, unless you can learn to ease your fears and let go of your expectations.

This is obviously easier said than done, but not impossible. The key is to make your vibe and your happiness your number one priority.

Don’t give any credence to negative thoughts, unless they’re tied to a strong emotion, because the emotion needs to be released, but if you can recognize that fears are merely a result of conditioning, allow them to pass by, and then go right back to making yourself happy, you’ll be in such better shape. Also try writing and journaling to get your thoughts out and exercise as a way to get back into the your body and the present moment.

When you catch yourself worrying, remind yourself that in this exact moment you’re perfectly fine, all your needs are met, and you have an abundance of air to breathe. Trust me, this is a very calming practice, and your mind needs a little soothing. The rest will follow, but for right now, you need to rest an replenish yourself.


🃏Decks Used

Mystic Mondays Tarot ⠀
Affirmators Tarot ⠀
The Good Tarot⠀
Energy Oracle⠀
Divine Feminine Oracle ⠀
Black Moon Astrology Cards

Thank you so much for reading !!!

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