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New Moon Rituals

The New Moon in Pisces is tonight (technically tomorrow morning) at 3:23 AM, and I’m so looking forward to it.

New Moons are great for manifesting and setting intentions, and the energy can be super potent, if you harness it correctly.

One thing to keep in mind is the sign the moon is in, and like I already mentioned, this time, it’s going to be in the sign of Pisces, which is a Water Sign, so it’s great for setting intentions involving emotions, creativity, psychic abilities, and beauty.

My New Moon Rituals

  • Making Moon Water – Get a glass bottle, distilled water, some crystals, mix it all together, set your intentions, and let the water charge in the moonlight and 💥Bam! You have Moon Water. The video where I got this idea is here, if you want more info.
  • Spiritual Shower or Bath – A great way to cleanse yourself spiritually and remove any residual and unwanted energies; or throw in some of your newly created Moon Water to really soak up those energies.
Side note, if you don’t have a tub, you can basically do the same thing in the shower, just prepare a bucket with water, your salts and herbs of choice, and your intentions/prayers (by just saying or reading them), and then pouring it over yourself.
  • Affirmation Art – Another really fun way to set your intentions. I personally paint mine out, but you can also cut different words or letters out of magazines and paste them together, or even make a cute collage (aka vision board). Anything that’s fun and stimulates your creativity is good!
This is one I made about a year ago, and while I wouldn’t say I’m the next Van Gogh, I 💯 would say that I’m a Tarot Reader now 😉
  • Cleanse all my Stuff – My house, my tarot cards, my crystals; everything. A good rule (especially for a house or a spiritual bath) is clean, then cleanse. Usually I do a deep clean and then sage and open the windows let that shit air out. You don’t have to use sage, you can use Palo Santo, or those Tibetan singing bowls, Florida water, incense, whatever your preference is. As far as the tarot cards, I personally like to only cleanse mine during the moons, because I believe the overall energies being soaked into the cards makes them more accurate and in-tune with the collective energies.
  • Reiki and Meditation – I usually do these things daily, but I go hard during the moons, because moon energies affect me super strongly, and I’m usually pretty emotional or drained, or emotionally drained, so I use that time to really connect to my inner world and feminine energy. My favorite YouTube channel of all time, Reiki Rachael, usually posts a free reiki session for each of the moons, and I take full advantage. (The link is for this new moon, she’s the bomb).
  • Scripting – I’m going to do a whole post on scripting, but for now try writing in a diary or journal, that’s specifically set aside for manifesting, and writing from the point of view of your future self who’s already living the life you want. This is such a powerful way to align with the feelings of the life you dream of, and it’s something I do every day.

I hope this was helpful and gave you some ideas on how to take advantage of these powerful moon energies.

As always, when you set your intentions, it’s best to always come from a place of love and to make sure everything you are trying to manifest is for the highest good of all, and doesn’t hurt, harm, or mess with anybody’s free will in any way.

Thanks for reading, and have a happy New Moon in Pisces ! 🌑

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