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Embody What you Want to Attract

Quick Recap:

In my previous post, “Organizing your Wants”, I emphasized the importance of soul-searching to discern what you truly want more of in your life.

I recommended writing it out, so that the chaotic whirlwind of your mind would become an organized list that could be referenced at any time.

Hopefully, you have more of an idea about what you want out of life, and are ready start figuring out how to get it.

How your energy can help or hinder your manifestations:

The Law of Attraction is all about energy, so, the main focus should be on becoming an energetic match to the things you desire.

What does this mean exactly?


Let’s say you’re single and you want to manifest a great relationship into your life.

But you’ve recently went on a few first dates that went nowhere. You feel rejected, undesirable, and insecure. You wonder why this always happens to you. You accept the fact that you’re just unlucky in love.

This is the vibe you’re sending out, and getting back from the Universe. It’s a vicious cycle.

The more rejection you experience, the worse you feel about yourself. And the worse you feel, the more that energy radiates out and brings more disappointing experiences to your doorstep.

So how do we break this cycle?

By changing how we feel, before we get the things that we want.

So, in this example the thing desired is a great relationship. The emotional frequency this person is emitting is one of insecurity, rejection, and undesirability.

Clearly this is not a match to a great, healthy relationship.

These feelings may end up being a match to a shitty, unhealthy relationship, but who wants that?

The emotional frequency needed to manifest a happy relationship, is one of happiness, completeness and security. 

So how do we make such an energetic shift?


  • Note your current feelings. If you want a relationship and you feel insecure, unwanted and desperate, be honest about it. If you’d like to lose weight, and you feel disgusting and unattractive, realize this is the energy you’re sending out.
  • Start thinking about what feelings are a match to your desires. This is a great time to reference that list, if you made one. Look at all the things you want, and think about how you’d feel if you already had them. Or just do it in your head. For a relationship, the energy would be completeness, happiness, feeling loved etc. For weight loss, aim for feeling attractive and secure with yourself. For money, feelings of freedom, abundance and security are paramount.
  • Start shifting your energy to become a match to your desires. A little more soul-searching is in order. Ask yourself how you can start feeling this energy in your life now. Practice gratitude. Feel appreciative of what you do have in your life already. Enjoy the benefits of your single life. Be grateful every time you pay your rent or buy something. Learn to love your body, as it is.
  • Work on your relationship with yourself. Do nice things, just for you. Spend a few minutes before bed each night reflecting on the day. If you have negative feelings, try to release them (More on this here). Seek out the positive and really marinate in the happy feelings.

Utilizing Heart Energy:

Heart energy is basically any beliefs, thoughts, or feelings we have, that have a strong emotional charge behind them. When trying to transform your energy, tapping into this greatly speeds up the process and helps you to feel good faster. I’ve found great success tapping into this energy and trying to harness, and then send it back out into the universe.

This energy is almost physically felt. Think about when you get really excited or exhilarated about something, and your heart jolts or leaps. It could also feel more subtle, like if you’re cuddling with your dog and you feel a warm security and happiness sort of wash over you. This is the energy you’re trying to tap into and radiate out.

It’s pretty simple. Just notice the energy and try to really feel it. Enjoy it and be grateful for it. Focus on feeling it grow and imagine it flowing out of you into the Universe.

Integrating this method into your nightly reflection of your day, helps you feel the positive energy more strongly. Any positive feelings we have, and are able to expand upon are beneficial to us getting what we desire, and to our well-being in general.

Limiting Beliefs:

A lot of time the main block to getting what we want, is ourselves. We don’t believe we are worthy of  having good things or being happy. We self-sabotage any opportunities, or are terrified of succeeding.

Though it may not seem like it, this is actually a good thing.

If it’s me hindering myself, I can learn to stop. I can learn to have control over myself, my thoughts and my feelings.

On the other hand, if it’s the Universe or God deciding my fate, I’m pretty much fucked. I’m basically at their mercy and have no control whatsoever.

I remember when I first realized a lot of the same things kept happening to me, noticed certain patterns.

One such pattern from my life was that my friendships never lasted. I would make a new best friend, and subsequently lose them, pretty frequently. And every time this happened I would think, “See, I knew this was going to happen”. I expected it.

The limiting belief I held was that I wasn’t worthy of truly great friendships. That people didn’t really like me. Maybe they did at first, but once they got to know the real me, they would be out the door. And this manifested in my life time and time again.

When I came to the realization that my own beliefs were causing this to happen, I was relieved and hopeful. 

Relieved, because I realized there was nothing actually wrong with me that made people not want to stick around.

Hopeful, because I realized I alone had the power to break this cycle.

So I stopped obsessing about it. I worked on letting go of my painful memories of the past. I stopped blaming these people for abandoning me, and took responsibility for the part that I played. I detached from the need of finding that “perfect best friend” that would disprove all my negative thoughts about myself.

I became my own best friend, and truly became comfortable with that reality. I focused on exuding an energy of happiness and completeness every night. I tapped into my heart energy by feeling the love I had for my dogs, and the love they had for me, and was so grateful for it.

And slowly but surely, I began noticing that I had some amazing people in my life who truly cared about me. 

And I don’t worry anymore that they’re going to just disappear one day. That may happen, because life happens, but I know I’ll be okay because I’m truly comfortable being there for myself, unlike I ever was in the past.

Final Thoughts:

The concept of the Law of Attraction is that we attract what we are. To attract what we want, we need to embody those feelings now. 

So, take a little time to think about it.

What feelings are a match to the things you want?

How can you tap into them?

What limiting beliefs do you hold about yourself, and how can you dispel them?

And please note that the Law of Attraction requires a willingness to go within, ask some tough questions, and face some hard truths.

If you’re ready to do this, you will most definitely clear the way for happiness, and all the things you want to enter your life.


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