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What Does Your Shadow Self Want You to Know?

Take a walk on the dark side, and discover what your shadow self is trying to tell you, and the best way to work with this tricky energy, and not against it.

I also shuffled a song for each pile, which you’ll find listed directly underneath your pile’s photo.

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Pile 1

SONG: “Stella by Starlight” by Miles Davis

If you chose pile one the theta of Venus card and the raw hematite, then you’re in the right place. So right away there’s clearly a tug-of-war happening between your mind and your soul. There’s a big emphasis on stars with your song “Stella by Starlight “by Miles Davis and also, in the “Share Your Voice” card she’s gazing at the stars but also seems to be made of them herself, but is hiding herself away. This seems to be an echo of the Five of Pentacles above it, whereas, she seeing something she wants to explore, but is holding herself back from it.

We have the Princess of Wands showing up next, with Justice coming right after, and given the fact that there is such a stark difference between the first two cards, Justice is saying that there needs to be a reconciliation of these two opposing energies to achieve a balanced state within.

You may be wanting to explore something new or be yearning to speak up about something you’re witnessing that just doesn’t sit well with your soul or break away from a toxic situation, but whatever the case, Spirit is encouraging you to tune in to your inner voice and follow the call of your soul.

There’s also a message about exploring, acknowledging, and naming your fears, and realizing that you may be outgrowing certain people or ways of being as your authentic self is now starting to come to the surface. This is where the shadow comes in, because it’s those uncomfortable feelings that alert you to the fact that something you’re not addressing, needs to be addressed, whatever that means to you.

As far as working with your shadow, you can start paying attention to your dreams, or try meditation specifically designed to get you into a theta state, which allows you to relax and see things from a more spiritual perspective, which can bring more understanding and acceptance to that part of yourself, and help you figure out why you’re so resistant to it.

Pile 2

SONG: “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez

If you chose pile two, the sovereign Queen Maeve card, and the citrine stone, you found your way to your reading! I’d say the first thing your shadow self wants you to know, is that you are the supreme ruler of your own life, and when you hand your power over to others, in a good or bad way, it’s going to make itself known.

For example if you’re putting someone on a pedestal and feeling bad about yourself, that bad feeling is the signal that there’s an unhealed part of yourself that needs a little attention, because when we admire someone we are resonating with them because we also possess those qualities, but are unable to see that in ourselves, so we feel jealous, or even cut them down to bring ourselves up higher.

The same goes for the people you despise; they’re just reflecting back aspects of yourself you don’t like and can spend a little time learning how to love more. The moment you realize that basically every person in your life is reflecting back something about yourself, is the moment true healing begins.

The best way to work with this shadowy energy, as to make the decision to not compare yourself to, or judge anyone anymore switching and expanding your perspective this way allows you to operate from the space of self possession as opposed to unless comparisons and competitions with others. Doing this also helps to create more peace for you overall because it illuminates the constant stream of yucky feelingslike jealousy, in adequacy, and resentment.

Deciding to only focus on yourself puts the control of your emotions back into your own hands, while also allowing others the freedom to continue on their life journey in the way that is best for them at the time.

What was once irritating to you becomes neutralized, as you realize you once made those same mistakes, and maybe haven’t forgiven yourself for it or a person that wants inspired envy and you, becomes a source of hope as you realize the things you admired about them we’re just waiting to be discovered by you all along; that’s when the fun part begins!

Pile 3

SONG: “She Will” by Lil Wayne featuring Drake

If you chose Pile Three, the Oracle of Chaldea card, and the quartz point, you’re in the right place! So first off I am noticing a theme of chains; the chains in the Devil card, the “Break the Chain” card, and also, in the Change is Unavoidable” card the guy’s wrist thingie reminds me of the one that the Genie wore in Aladdin, that signified his enslavement to his master. There’s also the idea of duality; light and dark, masculine and feminine, innocence and sin.

I feel that your shadow side is causing you to feel ashamed of yourself for these darker energies, or even making you feel that time is running out, and that your healing isn’t happening fast enough, or some thing like that.

There also may be an addiction causing you distress, because the quartz point you chose is my “cigarette crystal” that I hold every time I drive and really helped me to quit them for good. Also could be an addiction to work, analyzing the past or maybe wine (the grapes depicted in the Devil card).

But while you may be feeling a rush to free yourself from this addiction/pain/past trauma, whatever it is, Spirit is actually wanting you to start embracing the light. That couldn’t be more clear. I think the only reason you’re chained to the darkness, is because you feel that you should be, if that makes sense. But Spirit is basically telling you to cut that shit out, and start recognizing the good things about yourself too.

Don’t ignore the dark, but work on strengthening the light for now, so when the time is right to face these darker energies you’ll be more centered and at peace with yourself, and the process will be a lot smoother and more effective. Another thing to try is ancestral healing Reiki or meditations, because A) that’s so clearly indicated here and B) “We can carry emotional trauma in our luminous field for up to seven generations”. That’s a lot of emotional trauma so I’d get cracking if I were you.

Decks Used

Radiant Wise Spirit Tarot⠀
Mystic Mondays Tarot ⠀
Wild Unknown Tarot ⠀
White Light Oracle ⠀
Work Your Light Oracle ⠀
The Secret Language of Light Oracle

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