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Supercharge your Intentions


Acting as if:

If you’ve been around the “Law of Attraction” block, you’ve most likely come across the concept of “acting as if.”

“Acting as if”, for those who are wondering, is when after setting intentions to manifest something specific into your life, you begin to infuse the energy or emotion of the thing desired into your current circumstances. Exuding this higher vibrational energy is essentially the magnet that pulls the thing you desire directly towards you.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. 

Please note, that this isn’t some 15 minute written exercise that will magically transform your life with little-to-no effort required on your part. Altering your entire belief system takes commitment and discipline. It also takes time, energy, and a little imagination.

Wording your Intentions:

When you set your intentions, you are not asking for what you want. You are declaring what is already yours. You have to believe you can have what you want. You have to know that it’s possible for you to get it.

Intention-setting starts with your thoughts, and the phrasing is crucial.

The most effective intentions are positive “I am” statements such as: “I am healthy. I am kind. I am full of positive energy. I am lucky.”

Why is the phrasing so important?

Let’s look at two differently phrased intentions. Say you want to attract more luck and abundance into your life. So you start thinking  “I want to be lucky”. The energy behind this thought isn’t exactly one of being lucky, though. It’s more of an acknowledgement of the lack of luck and good fortune in your life. This energy of lack is exactly what you’ll continue to manifest if you keep feeding into it, subconsciously or otherwise.

Now, notice what happens when we drop the want and instead declare “I am lucky”. The energy of the statement is completely different. This is how we begin aligning with the energy of luck and prosperity.

This is about intentionally changing your inner dialogue, so that these new beliefs become a part of your everyday thought pattern. It’s about integrating these new thought patterns into your everyday life so that your actions and emotions are a direct reflection of these new beliefs.

It takes some practice, and practice you should. Every day. And when a negative thought or belief about yourself pops up, try flipping the script and thinking and believing the exact opposite.

This is difficult to do at first, because it almost feels like we’re telling ourselves lies.

A little technique that I use when I’m setting a new intention and trying to get used to a new positive idea about myself, is to draw on my past accomplishments and experiences to reinforce the statement and give it a little emotional charge. Something I struggle believing about myself is that I’m truly creative. I can say “I am creative” ’til I’m blue in the face, and just want to wrinkle my nose the whole time. Like, give it up, I’m not buying it.

So this little exercise I do is basically just thinking the intention “I am creative”, while breathing deep, and running through a little slideshow in my head of my proudest creative accomplishments. And while I do use this specifically for writing, I look at other aspects of my creativity as well.

Could be anything.

The way I decorate my bedroom, the collages I’ve made, the photos I’ve taken, and even a cheese plate I put together for a party that looked pretty. And I realize that creativity truly is a part of who I am, and I don’t need to force it, and that the doubts and limiting beliefs are just fear and insecurity in disguise.

Instead of fighting the unwanted thoughts, try changing your perspective and start seeing them as clues as to what needs to be looked at within yourself. Sometimes just acknowledging negative thoughts and accepting them as things to be worked on counterbalances the negative effect they have on you, and you’re able to move on from them more easily.

Please realize that youre constantly manifesting scenarios in your life that mirror your most prevalant thoughts and emotions, so if you’re dissatisfied with your current circumstances or finding that you have a lot of resistance around certain things, identifying the core beliefs that shaped your current reality is the first step to neutralize them and start manifesting what you actually want more of in your life.

Transforming Intentions into Actions:

A great way to turn your intentions into manifestations is to start being the desired thing. In other words, get a sense of the energy of the thing desired, and take action to feel that energy within yourself.

Let’s say you’re after a promotion at work. How would you feel if you received it? Obviously happy, but looking a little deeper into it, you’d also be proud of yourself for your hard work, and most likely a little superior knowing that out of everyone, you were the one that was chosen. You’d feel on top of the world, and know you were the best worker at the company.

So if you want to get that promotion, how can you better embody that energy of pride and accomplishment with your actions?

Duh, this is so simple. By simply being the best. If you’re giving 100% at work, you’re naturally going to feel proud and accomplished. If you’re half-assing it most of the time, it follows that you’d feel guilty and undeserving of any raises or promotions.

As you go through your workday, completing tasks, periodically ask yourself, “What would the best employee do? How would they handle this task or situation?” Whatever the answer is, do it. Do it, and live it, and encompass that energy.

The simple act of telling yourself you’re the best at anything, and then supporting that intention with positive action and emotion, activates serious energy that supercharges your intentions 100x more than merely thinking about them ever could, so consider giving it a try.

Final Thoughts:

Think of setting an intention as planting a seed, and the supporting actions and emotions as sunlight and water facilitating growth. The seed needs the sunlight to grow, otherwise it will never sprout, whereas an intention without supported action and emotion will never truly take form.

The reverse is also true. If you poured water onto the dirt and there was no seed to receive it, you wouldn’t expect a flower to magically appear there, all you’d end up with is a bunch of mud. Same thing goes for taking action without setting clear intentions; they will not yield true success without the intention there to receive, direct, and expand the energy into something tangible.













4 thoughts on “Supercharge your Intentions

  1. I love this! This type of positive thinking and self- talk really works. Itโ€™s amazing how changing your thoughts will change your life. Thanks Jeanna- very well written!


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