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Using the Law of Attraction for a Specific Person

Once upon a time I was in love with this guy…

He was the one.

I felt it in my soul; a connection, a pull.

We were soulmates, we were meant to be. I just knew it.

The fact that he had broken up with me and clearly didn’t share my passionate emotions any longer did not deter me in the slightest way.

When I came across the concept of the Law of Attraction, I knew I had found the way to finally get him back.

I’m thinking, “I’m pretty smart. All I have to do is teach myself how to do the Law of Attraction, I can definitely do that.”

So I started reading. I started meditating. I started visualizing, and journaling.

Every day. For hours.

I was pretty dedicated.

I even unsuccessfully attempted to cast a love spell, despite having no idea what I was doing.

I tell you this, not so you wonder why you’re reading some crazy lady’s blog, but to impress upon you that I know what it’s like to get completely fixated on a specific person.

So now for the main event:

Should you use the Law of Attraction to get a specific person?

If you went on Google and typed in the above question, the responses would be a mixed bag.

Some say you can, some say you can’t, some say it’s theoretically possible but advise against it. Some say to do it, but to be open to other possibilities as well.

This is a difficult subject because intense emotions are usually involved. Love. Pain. Anguish. Longing. Jealousy. Heartbreak.

Time and energy have already been invested.

You’ve stubbornly defended your feelings about this person to your friends and your family.

Letting go of the person you love is just not an option for some.

So should you do it or not?

Listen, I don’t claim to be The Wise Mystic of Dutchess County or anything. I don’t claim to know all the secrets of the Universe, nor do I have all the answers.

The only thing I can offer is my own experiences and the wisdom gained from them.


Did I get the guy back? No.

Does it make me feel good to think back on my obsessive behavior? No.

Did it make me cringe in my soul to admit to you just now that I once dabbled in witchcraft to get a guy to like me? Uh, yeah.

Do I regret it? Not for one fucking second.

Here’s why:

My obsession with this guy led to my obsession with the Law of Attraction.

I had studied it half-heartedly in the past, but never with the same determination I applied while I was trying to win this guy back. I took it seriously this time.

But here’s the funny thing.

A big part of the Law of Attraction is detachment and letting go.

I knew this was going to be a problem for me.

At first, I tried to get around it. I thought if I worked really hard on the other parts of the LOA I could manifest without letting go of this guy.

As nothing turned into more nothing I began to think, “Okay so maybe this detachment thing is kind of important? I can learn how.”

So I tried to detach. I tried to pretend I didn’t care if I never heard from this guy again while simultaneously checking my phone every five minutes to see if he’d called yet.

He hadn’t.

Finally, I realized if I truly believed that this guy was “the one” I would really have to let him go. I would have to have faith that if he was the best thing for me, we would end up together again.

So I started trying to let him go. I opened myself up to other possibilities. I focused more on what I was trying to attract instead of who.

I worked on manifesting more love and happiness into my life as a whole. I started appreciating the people I had in my life instead of lamenting the ones that were missing.

And slowly I started to get happier.

My life got fuller in ways I’d only ever imagined. Good things started presenting themselves to me. Issues resolved themselves without me really having to search hard for a solution.

I started to appreciate and think more highly of myself as a person.

The realization that I no longer cared if I ended up with this guy or not wasn’t this huge emotional breakthrough moment for me.

It was quieter, more like a sense of peace that slowly crept up on me.

I felt truly happy for the first time in decades.

This in itself was a small miracle.

Not just because I learned how to let go of this guy, but because I learned how to let go.

  • Of people that clearly didn’t care if I was in their life or not.
  • Of my concern about the opinions of others regarding my life decisions.
  • Of my guilt and shame over all the bad things I’ve done and the mistakes I’ve made.
  • Of the pain, sadness, and resentment from my childhood.

Would I be where I am today if I didn’t do what I did?

Maybe. Maybe not.

All I know is that I did do what I did, and I did end up in this happy, more peaceful, place.

Looking back, maybe the pull I felt towards this guy was simply the pull for me to get started on the path that led me to the happier life I live today.


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