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Introduction: How Understanding the Law of Attraction Changed Everything For Me

Merriam-Webster defines “inside out” as this:

“In such a manner that the inner surface becomes the outer”

I named my blog after reading this definition because it basically sums up the key to the Law of Attraction; that in order to change our life on the outside, we must first make changes within.

I decided to start this blog because I wanted to help people who maybe had an intellectual sense of the Law of Attraction, but couldn’t figure out how to internalize the teachings.

When I first started learning about the LOA (after watching “The Secret”), I was intrigued and excited. I thought all I had to do was want what I wanted, think about it all the time, and then it would just magically appear.

I think I waited like 2 days before I was like okay this is bullshit, I didn’t win the lottery or meet the man of my dreams. Back to my crappy, regularly scheduled life.

Even though I was disappointed, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I felt something resonate with me when I first learned about the LOA. This led me to start reading every book I could on the subject. As I learned and understood more, I started realizing how unrealistic my original expectations actually were.

I was starting to understand the concepts but couldn’t figure out how to actually do it.

  • How do you detach from the thing you want when it’s literally all you can think about?
  • How do you “raise your vibration“, and what the fuck even is that?
  • How do you start feeling happy when you feel like your life is one catastrophe and disappointment after the other?

The turning point for me was when a blogger I follow (Kelli Cooper) said in one of her podcasts:

“The Law of Attraction isn’t what you do, it’s what you are.”

I literally felt something click. I started asking what am I? And the answer was not pretty.

I was insecure, lonely, overweight, worried about money all the time, and I felt like a loser that nobody would want to date or be friends with.

And guess what? My outside world was mirroring this back to me 100%.

So I started taking responsibility for my life, my circumstances and myself.

I prioritized feeling good above all else.

I started to genuinely appreciate and focus on all that I had in my life. At the time it was a short list:

  • My dogs 🙄
  • But I did it. At the end of each day I would lay in bed and pet my dogs and feel so grateful and happy that I had them, for example.

    And slowly, as my perspective started changing, I started seeing other little pockets of happiness, and started focusing on them.

    Now if you asked me what I’m grateful for the list would be a mile long:

  • My dogs
  • My relationship with my family
  • My amazing relationship with my boyfriend
  • My beautiful apartment
  • Truly good friendships
  • Weight loss
  • More money
  • My relationship with myself
  • My genuine happiness and appreciation of life in general.
  • I’m definitely not trying to brag, and sometimes I can’t even believe this is my life.
    So stick with me, and I’ll try to map out how to utilize the teachings of the Law of Attraction in a way that’s simple and effective.
    And hopefully you’ll see your list get longer and your life get happier too.

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