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The Law of Attraction: Your Feelings are the Starting Point

Let’s assume you’re interested in the Law of Attraction because you’re dissatisfied with your life in some way. Could be big, could be small. But let’s agree something’s missing.

So, great, here’s this idea that we can use the LOA to fix what’s wrong and get what we want. Fun.

But, where to begin?

Try some LOA tools? Make a vision board, start a daily gratitude list, recite some positive affirmations, meditate, visualize, journal? Maybe I should really dive in and do all of them?

And what about these negative thoughts that keep popping up? I’m supposed to be a “positive person” now. Change your thoughts, change your life. I’m happy, I’m happy, I’m happy. Maybe if I keep thinking it, I’ll believe it.

Yeah, no.

These approaches are not effective and here’s why:

The Law of Attraction is all about energy.

The concept is basically that like attracts like. So like energy attracts like energy. Feeling happy attracts more situations that make you feel happy. Feeling miserable attracts more of the same.

The goal here is to turn those miserable feelings into happy ones. To take negative energy and transform it into positive energy.

So how do you do that?

Let’s look at two examples of ways people attempt to transform their energy:

Scenario 1:

It’s almost bed time.

You get in bed after a long day and happily reach for the remote, planning to binge on some HGTV before you fall asleep.

But, wait; crap! You realize you forgot to write your gratitude list and say your affirmations 20 times while smiling at yourself in the mirror.

You grudgingly get out your new journal and pen that you bought for the occasion, and robotically write out a list: I’m grateful for my health I’m grateful for my family, I’m grateful I have a roof over my head, etc.

Next, you drag yourself out of bed to go stand in front of the mirror and say your affirmations, counting down the repetitions the same way you count down the minutes on the treadmill at the gym.

Finally, you get back in bed and go to sleep.

Scenario 2:

It’s almost bedtime.

After a long day you decide to take a hot shower and deep condition your hair.

Feeling good, you then decide to slap on a face mask and give yourself a pedicure.

Finally, you put on a cute pajama set, and after admiring your perfectly painted toes, get in bed, and fall asleep.

Who’s happier here?

Clearly the person from the second scenario is happier.

In the first scenario, the person is trying too hard. They’re afraid that if they don’t show the Universe they’re taking the LOA seriously, the Universe is not going to take their desires seriously, either. So they’re trying to be a sort of “teacher’s pet” to the Universe, a little goody-two-shoes who does all their assignments and exercises, at the expense of their own happiness.

(And btw, no judgment. Totally been there. Being a goody-two-shoes is what I’m known for)

But the thing is nobody cares that they’re doing these things, least of all the person actually doing them. They’re not getting anything out of it. They’re not feeling any happier. Their energy hasn’t truly changed.

On the other hand, in the second scenario, you can tell the person had an enjoyable evening. They did things they liked doing. They felt happy when they went to sleep. After a tiring day, they found themselves in a peaceful and relaxed state.

This is how you shift energy.

Transforming energy shouldn’t be difficult. It shouldn’t feel like a struggle. It should be easy. It should be fun.

That’s not to say that any of the tools mentioned above shouldn’t be utilized. They can be very effective in energy transformation, but only if your heart’s in it and you actually enjoy doing them.

For instance I hate doing affirmations. Fucking hate it. The only thing I get out of doing them is a feeling of aggravation. On the other hand, meditating and feeling gratitude have helped me truly transform into a happier and more peaceful person.

What you want to aim for is feeling good. Not pretending to feel good, not routinely doing mindless exercises just to do them. But to actually start feeling better.

So how do you start feeling better?

A Few Ideas:

  1. Try to start enjoying your time more in general, whatever that entails. It could be watching your favorite movie, playing poker with your friends, buying yourself a new outfit, hanging out with your mom, whatever.
  2. Begin to notice and take stock of your feelings and thoughts, but in a neutral, non-judgmental manner. I like to think of it as gathering intel. You need to know what your negative beliefs are before you can think about changing them.
  3. Focus on the positive aspects of your life. Maybe you’re financially burdened, but you have an amazing, supportive relationship. Maybe you’ve been single for a while, but you’re killing it at work. Or maybe you hate your job, but you have the best co-workers.

Some Key Points:

  • Start thinking about the things that make you happy, and then start doing them! Notice when you’re feeling happy, and try to marinate in it a little bit. Enjoy and be grateful for the happy feelings when they come.
  • Don’t beat yourself up every time you think a negative thought. Just recognize the thought or feeling and let it pass. And remember that pretty much everyone has bad days and thinks negative thoughts sometimes.
  • Look at things from a new perspective. Seek out the good in bad situations. Even if all you gained was a painful lesson, recognize that you probably needed to learn it. Focus on what makes you happy and try to adopt a grateful attitude.
  • Hopefully you can begin applying theses ideas in your own lives and start making some headway with transforming your energy.

    Remember it’s supposed to feel good, so have fun with it .


    6 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction: Your Feelings are the Starting Point

    1. I agree totally. When I first started my conscious creation journey, I did affirmations but it became rote. And I knew that it didn’t work so I just started watching comedians and laughing, watching sunsets, feeding birds, all the things that make life wonderful. And I was happier. I do tell myself things to remind myself how wonderful I am but I don’t do affirmations anymore.


      1. Exactly. I definitely “affirm” things to myself all the time, but in an unofficial way. One thing I’ve been working on lately is social anxiety. I have this idea ingrained that people don’t like me. And whenever I catch myself thinking this I try to stop and remind myself that plenty of people do actually like me. I think about the people in my life and try to connect to the good feelings in my heart. Much more effective for me than just repeating a sentence 10x with no emotion behind it.

        Thanks so much for reading !

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I think everyone has that feeling, that people won’t like them. But we’re all pretty much the same and we’d be surprised how many people admire and look up to us.

          Liked by 1 person

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